Our Hotel

The production hall of a former vacuum-cleaner factory is the heart of the Hüttenpalast. This 200-sq. meter room has been turned into a creative playground, where you can sleep in old caravans and wooden cabins. The décor is a loving parody of the old, whimsical, German garden-patch aesthetic. It will bring–even in winter–a breath of summer feeling to your stay, and a retro charm you can enjoy as you walk to the beautiful showers in flip flops with a toiletry bag under the arm, or relax on the swing in front of your cabin.

For those who feel they have taken enough camping trips in their life but would still like to stay with us, our more traditional hotel rooms will provide greater privacy. There are six spacious double rooms equipped with en-suite bathrooms, all of which show off the beautiful factory architecture with large windows and high ceilings.



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