Hall 2

After our first repurposed industrial-hall had quickly become so popular, we were still falling in love with vintage caravans. So, we decided to put everything we had into restoring five more caravans, opening a second space and building a lofted sleeping area. This is how we became home to GDR classics such as the “Dübener Ei” and the “Heimstolz”, which was the smallest caravan we had ever seen. They now all stand proud in our second hall. The adjacent garden is a quiet, lush oasis, and the cozy living room invites you to sit around and chat into the evening while the “caravan neighbors” go to sleep.

Location Map - Hall 2 F.A.Q.



Once you choose your favorite caravan or hut, this will be your private –and lockable—space during your stay. A small terrace and seating area, located in front of your caravan or cabin, complement the interior space. Outside your caravan lies the living room, a common room with different lounge areas and seating possibilities that will suit a family game as well as a last-minute work project. It also provides a space to get to know your “caravan neighbors” as well as comfy corners to relax after a long day of sightseeing.
Early in the morning, tea and coffee are available for self-service at the small bar in the hall. If the weather is good, you are welcome to enjoy your refreshments in our beautiful courtyard garden, which is also perfect for a picnic or an evening drink.
Hall 2 is also equipped with modern shared bathrooms (gender-separated). Basic amenities such as shower gel, shampoo, towels and a hair dryer are provided. The free WLAN will allow you to communicate with your loved ones at home or find the best tips in Berlin online.